Diolaze Laser Hair Removal

Let’s talk about what laser hair removal is, who it’s suitable for, the body parts it can be used on, pre-treatment preparation, post-treatment maintenance, the duration of the procedure, the recommended frequency of sessions, and some frequently asked questions. Time for you to get ready to embrace a new level of beauty and precision.


DiolazeXL is a state of the art laser hair removal procedure that safely and gently eliminates unwanted hair. DiolazeXL has one of the largest treatment area sizes, making treatments convenient and fast. The combination of efficacy, patient comfort and speed make DiolazeXL a leader in laser hair removal. It is powerful enough to target and treat even the most stubborn hair.

Is Laser Hair Removal Right For You? 

Both men and women who want to remove unwanted hair from various areas of the body are great canidates. It is ideal for individuals with darker hair and lighter skin tones, as the laser targets the melanin pigment in the hair follicles. 

Which Body Parts Can Be Treated? 

  • Face: Upper lip, chin, sideburns, jawline, and cheeks.
  • Body: Chest, back, arms, underarms, abdomen, bikini area, and legs.

How Do You Prepare Before Treatment

Before your treatment at Elevate Wellness Clinic it’s essential to follow certain pre-treatment guidelines. You should avoid direct exposure to sunlight and avoid tanning beds for at least six weeks before your session because sunburned or tanned skin is more sensitive to the laser’s effects and can increase the risk of complications. So the day before your appointment, shave the area you want to treat. This helps the laser target the hair follicles more effectively without singeing the surface hair.


After laser hair removal, you’ll need to take some steps to ensure optimal results and maintain the treated area. Use a gentle and soothing moisturizer or aloe vera gel on the treated area to soothe any redness or irritation. Avoid using products that contain harsh chemicals or fragrances that may irritate the skin. Protect the treated area from the sun by wearing sunscreen with a high SPF. Sun exposure can cause pigmentation changes and increase the risk of complications.

How long is the treatment?

The duration of a laser hair removal session depends on the size of the treatment area. At Elevate Wellness Clinic you can expect to spend less than 1.5 hours total for a full body treatment, so the exact number of sessions varies depending on factors such as hair color, skin tone, and hair growth cycle. On average, most individuals need around six to eight sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart, to achieve optimal results. Maintenance sessions may be necessary periodically to target any new hair growth.

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Does it hurt?

A- Laser hair removal may cause some discomfort, often described as a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin.

Q- Is it permanent?

A- You will achieve long-lasting results. It can significantly reduce hair growth; but regrowth tends to be finer and lighter in color. 

Q- Can it be done on all skin types?

A-  Yes, advancements in laser technology have made it possible to perform on various skin types, including darker skin tones. 

Laser hair removal is a revolutionary solution for those seeking a long-lasting and effective hair removal method. With its precision and beauty-enhancing benefits, laser hair removal can provide you with the desired smooth, hair-free skin. Whether you want to treat small areas or larger body parts, proper preparation and post-treatment maintenance are essential for achieving long lasting results.

Consult with our licensed esthetician here at Elevate Wellness Clinic to determine if laser hair removal is for you and bid farewell to unwanted hair, embracing a new level of confidence and beauty. Call us today at 678-915-2311 or fill out our consultation form online to schedule your free consultation and see what we can do for you! Our clinic is conveniently located at 2302 Parklake Dr., Suite 100 in Atlanta, GA.