Contrave for Emotional Eating


What is Contrave?

Elevate Wellness Clinic introduces its newest weight loss drug, Contrave. Contrave is a combination of both Bupropion and Naltrexone.

Bupropion is mostly used as an antidepressant, actually one of the few that don’t seem to cause weight gain.

Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist, that is a drug that blocks the effects of opioid drugs. It is used by itself often to help recovering opioid addicts or alcoholics in order to reduce addiction to those substances.

It all started when researchers initially noticed that both drugs seemed to cause weight loss as a side effect.

After combining the two, they came up with Contrave, and after studies showed that both worked synergistically to help with weight loss, the FDA finally approved its use in 2014.

How does Contrave work?

The mechanism by which it works is unclear, but it is believed to target certain areas of the brain related to eating.

It seems to focus on reducing the brain’s feeding habits, rather than by increasing fullness signals.

The end result is people may end up eating less and lose weight as a result.


How effective is Contrave?

In one clinical trial involving adults who were overweight or obese, participants  took Contrave for 56 weeks lost an average of 4.1% of their initial body weight. Compared to an average weight loss of 1.0% in the placebo group.

In another clinical trial, participants who took Contrave for 56 weeks lost an average of 6.1% of their initial body weight, compared to an average weight loss of 1.3% in the placebo group.

Contrave is a different type of appetite suppressant. It is more effective at suppressing cavings rather than hunger.



Overall, Contrave is helpful for emotional overeaters and people with strong cravings. It helps overcome these issues and more easily follow a weight loss diet. The experts at Elevate Wellness Clinic are here to start you on your weight loss journey. The first few weeks of taking it will likely be the most difficult part, since the adverse effects are worst during that time, and the drug may not be working yet.

Don’t forget to build good dietary and lifestyle habits while you’re on Contrave! Contact us to get started on your weight loss journey.