About Us

At Elevate Wellness Clinic, a top Atlanta health clinic, we know that most everyone wants to feel better, stronger and more attractive.  Age and time take its toll on all of us.  It's harder to stay lean, you begin to lose muscle, hair, energy, sleep and focus.

As aging progresses you start to feel old.  Frustration and feelings of inadequacy begin to surface as your confidence and mental focus starts to fade.

No one should have to deal with the negative affects of aging when there are safe, medically proven solutions at their disposal.

We know it's no fun getting and feeling older.  It can inhibit your ability to do the things you love.  But working with a board certified physician with your well-being as his number one medical priority can make all the difference.

Getting started is simple.  Come in for a free consultation, get a plan based on detailed lab analyses, and start feeling younger, stronger and more energized.


It doesn't take long for your energy and motivation to skyrocket.  You'll look and feel better, with reduced body fat and increase muscle mass, and your libido will make you think you've reversed aging all together!



About Dr. David Powell

Dr. Powell has been a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician for over 10   years. He served in the US Navy and completed an active duty tour as the Officer-in-Charge of a Shock Trauma Platoon supporting a U.S Marine battalion in southern Afghanistan. 


Originally from the New York/New Jersey area, Dave has been living and practicing in the Atlanta area for much of the last 25 years.


Dave continues to practice in the ER, but has more recently developed an interest in helping patients outside of these more dire circumstances. There is a gap that exists between life-threatening emergencies and routine preventative maintenance. We might not be about to die, and we might be “doing everything right” by eating right, exercising, and controlling chronic conditions like asthma, hypertension, high cholesterol, or diabetes. So why do we still not feel our best?


Dave started Elevate Wellness Clinic to provide an answer to this question - and solutions for patients to feel younger, look better, and perform better. He remains committed to serving the community as a frontline provider in the Emergency Room. But helping people to achieve their health goals where other areas of the medical establishment cannot has become his passion. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Powell now and let’s elevate your lifestyle!

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Elevate Wellness Clinic is conveniently located at 2302 Parklake Drive, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30345

You can reach us by phone at 1-678-915-2311